Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Shame List: 10 CEOs Who Got Rich By Squeezing Workers

Michael T. Duke Walmart Jeffrey R. Immelt General Electric Angela F. Braly WellPoint Mark G. Parker Nike Hugh Grant Monsanto Craig Dubow Gannett Clarence Otis, Jr.Darden Restaurants Gary M. Rodkin ConAgra Foods Keith E. Wandell Harley Davidson
Peter L. Lynch Winn-Dixie

Corporate profits grew 38.8 percent in 2010, the biggest increase since 1950, the year I was born.

But while CEOs earned an average of 20 percent more last year, many Americans continued to lose their jobs and benefits.

The insecurity of the middle class has a lot to do with how executives are paid. Bonuses pegged to stock prices encourage CEOs to mercilessly outsource and downsize, slashing costs to boost profits.

The result is that more corporate leaders are getting paid at the expense of average workers. Shown here are 10 of the worst offenders:

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