Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama haters dazed and confused: first birthers are discredited and then the president runs sucessful op that kills Osama bin Laden

Sorry Obama haters.

I’ve been watching all the celebrations from New York City to Washington D.C. this morning and was struck by how many people were really happy that Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy Seals and CIA paramilitary members, and that their president was so decisive.

As I watched the American flags wave from windows and in crowds of jubilant people, I couldn’t help but think about the Obama haters.

This is a dark time for them. The whole Republican Party nearly turned to jello when the news broke. The last thing they needed was for Americans to be proud of their president’s actions! Politically, he’s golden right now. Obama is going to score more points with the American public for his decisive actions in locating and killing bin Laden, than he did after getting the Noble Prize (which many questioned).

I imagine Donald Trump is having a worse than usual hair day. Don’t be surprised when he recovers – gets his ferret that passes for a hairpiece on straight - and comes back with more idiocy to try to discredit this whole operation. I expect something along the lines of:

The whole thing was a hoax to get Obama re-elected. I have detectives working right now that are telling me that it was a poorly disguised manikin that slid into the sea off that aircraft carrier and that Osama bin Laden is laughing his beard off in a Norwegian spa even as we speak!”

You know the Birthers will recover enough to ask for Osama bin Laden’s death certificate as soon as the celebrations die down. That’s to be expected because they just hate having a Liberal black president. Facts are never going to slow down that rabid group of racists and outright crazed conspiracy theorists.

It’s already happening. From the Washington Post National Online:

Slate’s David Weigel points to this comment from the Facebook page of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in 2004 while serving in Iraq: “I am sorry, but if you believe the newest death of OBL, you're stupid. Just think to yourself--they paraded Saddam’s dead sons around to prove they were dead--why do you suppose they hastily buried this version of OBL at sea?” Weigel believes this is the beginning of a larger trend he tentatively calls “Deatherism.”

Allow me to clarify my position on President Obama. I don’t care if he gets re-elected or not. I’m certainly not going to be voting for him. Still, I think he did a great job getting America’s #1 enemy, and that’s something his predecessor George Bush couldn’t do in eight years. It’s took Obama two-and-half years. His critics are going to have a hard time discrediting him as “indecisive” after this.

We’ll experience a national honeymoon from all of our woes for a few days as Americans proudly proclaim justice has been served. Everyone, but the Obama haters, are giddy with something to be unified over. Patriotism peeks out from behind the polarized political party’s as the nations leaders stumble over themselves to be somehow attached to this memorable moment.

As It Stands, Enjoy it. It’s been a long time since this many Americans have all been on the same page!        

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Tom Sebourn said...

I know I am supposed to feel good about this and it's not that I feel bad, but I am confused. If Osama Bin Laden was involved in 9/11, why wasn't he on the FBI's most wanted list? If this was, and most Americans feel that he is, our number one enemy, why didn't the FBI see him as that?

Anonymous said...

The FBI works only in the USA. The CIA and other intelligence agencies work outside the country. And Obama was, officially, the USA's #1 Fugitive.

Tom Sebourn said...

Anonymous, that makes sense.
So the CIA was in charge.

“Old NYTimes July 2006 article:
Bush shut down CIA unit focused on capture Bin Laden.

Carl Hand-up said...

The racists continue to show their ugly heads. Osama bin Laden was way overdue for a bullet in the head.

Great job to the members of SEAL team unit 6. It's time to bring our troops home ... no more MIA's KIA's and WIA's.

We have better use of the funding at home.