Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage collection of cigarette ads is revealing and fun


What’s with this “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet” stuff? You have to hand it to Betty Grable (right), she could sell the sweat off a horses ass! Getting the boys to buy Chesterfields must have been a cinch. And, I admit failing to find the connection behind running over huddles while a fat guy chases you, and being “Toasted.”

You recognize this pretty lady (left) don’t you? It’s Lucille Ball pimping Philip Morris during the 1950s.

How about your dentist recommending that you smoke Viceroys so that he can have a steady customer getting their teeth cleaned? I always thought they had a cool looking pack. How low could these ads go? How about babies pushing Marlboro long before the “Marlboro Man” of advertising legend?

Look how cool this campus co-ed is when she sees a handsome man holding a smoldering cigarette in his hand. Actually, she’s probably recoiling from the stench! That’s all for now folks!

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