Thursday, February 11, 2010

My blog has been banned because I wasn’t nice to Sarah Palin

After asking Rose why my blog has been banned from her blog (WatchPaul) she said it was because of my post on Sarah Palin (Gee, I guess it wasn’t real nice to her hero). When I asked her if I’m that offensive, she said “Yes.”

After more than a year of having a link on her blog roll it comes to this. I had (past tense) respect for her views (even though I didn’t agree with them). I thought that attitude went both ways.

Looks like she has finally shed her sheepskin of being moderate and entertaining all views. No more MS Nice Person. She’s come out of the Conservative/Republican closet and has no more interest in the other side of the story. That’s too bad.

On the other side of the coin, I will continue to carry a link to her blog, because I like my readers to have a choice. I don’t need to have a bunch of “Yes your right” posters who have narrow minds.


Tom Holloway said...

You've got to be kidding!!!!

William Van Hefner said...

Banned? Since when does choosing not to promote a blog that contains materials you are offended by equate to having a blog "banned"? A bit overdramatic, wouldn't you say?

There are plenty of websites that I am offended by. I don't feel any guilt for not giving them free advertising.

Your comments were crude, insulting and honestly don't make much sense, unless you have some kind of problem with people getting paid to do a job they were hired to do.

FYI, the "tea bagger" convention was run by a for-profit entity, which charged hundreds of dollars per ticket to hear these people speak. It wasn't some kind of charity event. Why shouldn't she get paid? I don't remember her ever claiming to have taken a vow of poverty. Exactly, what is it that you expect her to do for a living? How is getting paid to speak at a for-profit event unethical?

Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton getting paid millions of dollars for speaking engagements and raking-in millions of dollars each year in donations from wealthy, foreign oil nations for his self-named "charity" fund? Considering the fact that his wife is the Secretary of State, I would think that such a conflict of interest would be a more worthy candidate of public scrutiny than a private citizen whose income isn't footed by taxpayers and who isn't asking for handouts or in any position to affect foreign policy.

I just don't understand why anyone would even care what Sarah Palin does on her own time, with her own money. She isn't an elected official and owes absolutely nothing to the public. It just seems like a wasted effort when there are issues of actual substance that one could turn their attention to.


ImBlogCrazy said...

For a year-and-a-half we both had links to each others blog. We agreed to disagree in order to provide our readers with different viewpoints.

I don't know what happened recently that changed that mutual respect. All I know is Rose is being intolerant because she idolizes Sarah Palin.

As far as my comments on the Palin post in question, they were not rude or insulting. I provided some information and expressed my opinion.

Don't bother throwing your party hack rhetoric and try to say I like Clinton or even Democrats. I'm not a liberal or a conservative (and proud of it). So leave that drivel at the doorstep.

Why would someone write about Palin? You gotta be kidding! The woman is a lightning rod for material to write about. She has to be the most ignorant person that ever ran for VP. She couldn't even finish one term as a governor in Alaska. When she was governor her husband "The First Dude" practically ran everything (see recent release of over 3000 emails of his while she was in office).

Rose has become intolerant, and by taking my blog off her list she is signaling that she could care less about anything that doesn't fit her narrow world view.

I'm saying she wasn't like this over a year ago. I have to admit I'm surprised at her action.

It's obvious you are another thin-skinned Palin devotee. That's your right. I have the right to write
about anything I feel like.

At least, readers of my blog get a variety. I wonder who's blog will be next to suddenly drop from her list? Fair warning: don't say anything bad about Sarah!

Heraldo said...

It's hard to imagine that a link on rose's blog would get you much traffic anyway.

J2Bad said...

Wear it like a badge of honor. As a seeker of national office, Palin's fear of reporters struck me as cowardly; even worse, though, was the celebration of that cowardly behavior by her followers, justifying her unprecedented refusal to answer questions as some kind of virtue. It isn't surprising that those followers now emulate the shameful behavior they celebrate. When you can't defend your views on rational grounds, of course you would flee from legitimate questioning; when you celebrate ignorance, of course you would try to limit discourse.

Tom Sebourn said...

Is this why there was no bloggers picnic last year? Infighting?

ImBlogCrazy said...

What picnic?