Monday, February 1, 2010

Agent Orange leaves deadly legacy for the next generation

I was contacted by blogger, Sharon L. Perry founder of Agent Orange Legacy, last week when she responded to one of my posts on corporate corruption and chemical companies in particular.

After reviewing her blog, I was so impressed that I became a member. Not enough people know about the generational effects Agent Orange has on Vietnam veterans children today. This site will provide you with information that may help someone you love.

It’s time that all Americans know that Agent Orange has another deadly legacy beyond what it did to our men and women who served in Vietnam. It’s time for the government to address the needs of these families.



Agent Orange Legacy is a grassroots movement dedicated to uniting the children of Vietnam veterans who are ill or not and adversely affected by their parent(s) service in Vietnam and exposure to agent orange and other toxins in order to lobby Congress to create or change public policy regarding the plight of the children of Vietnam veterans and their children.


We are looking for state coordinators. Join Your State Group/Chapter now.
The Lobbying Campaign group will help us coordinate our efforts.
Please visit our Public Policy website for more information
Our Lobbying Campaign will consist of the following:
1) Creating a state chapter in every state
Join Your State Chapter Now

2) Defining our Issues as a group
Join Speak Out

3) Documenting our stories to present as testimony
Join The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

4) Building an online museum to create awareness about the plight of the children of Vietnam veterans & their families
Join Let's Build A Museum

5) Connecting with other agent orange victims worldwide to build a coalition
Join Global Awareness Let's Build A Coalition

We offer the following Support Groups:
Our Father's Were Lost
Nam Vets Connecting
Poetry Corner

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