Monday, November 30, 2009

Who you know, and wealth, pave the way to elitism in the USA

It’s time for a look at our red, white, and blue class caste system.

  Earlier this year a hoax was perpetrated on the media by a middle-class family. Richard and his wife Mayumi, Heene faked out the world for a day claiming their son flew a home-made flying saucer!
  When the “balloon boy” six-year-old Falcon slipped-up during a national TV interview, the Heene’s attempt to launch a reality show ended up in court where they both pleaded guilty to lying to the authorities.
   They’re getting two-years probation for part of their prank, but a hefty fine is hovering in the future after the FAA finish their report and turn the bean-counters loose after them.
    I think their also paying some other fines in relation to the search effort that was launched.
   Mr. Heene wanted to make a buck on the reality TV craze, but underestimated the consequences of his efforts. Someday the Heene’s may return with a TV show of their own investigating hoaxes or something, but they better get slicker in their efforts.
   Then we have the case of the “blue bloods” crashing the President’s party. Like the Heene’s, Michaele and Tareq Salahis, wanted to be in a reality show. In this case, “The Real Housewives of DC.” The wealthy socialite couple managed to get past secret service security and to shake hands with President Obama.
  Wow huh? Needless to say the Secret Service is not pleased that everyone is snickering at them. What a screw-up eh? Just think if the Salahis had been extremist Muslim moles? Serious stuff. Someone has to pay for this hoax.They were uninvited guests that just turned out to be a wealthy Washington socialite couple that liked to have attention focused on them. Kinda like the Heene’s.
    Do you think the justice department will go after them? I heard some vague muttering about getting them for lying about having an invitation. Actually they were more like grunts coming from embarrassed law enforcement officials.
    If you’re like me, you suspect the most the Salahis will ever have happen to them is they’ll get their own reality TV show. “Money makes money,” I heard someone once say. The Heene family could have used some more money to raise their kids. The Salahis (by all reports) see this kind of exposure as power. Their Face Book page is littered with gripe-and-grins with the nation’s power elite, and now they have the biggest coup of all...President Obama.
      Can you imagine if the Heene’s had tried a stunt like the Salahis’s pulled off? Richard Heene would still be in a dark cell being “water-boarded” until he confessed to being a Muslim terrorist. And just imagine if his name was Tareq Salahis! His muffled screams would ring throughout the holidays.
      CNN would be airing stories of terrorist suicide families that were willing to do anything to kill infidel Americans. Legislators would sacrifice little Falcon Heene on the White House steps during a solemn patriotic ceremony. His entrails would be scattered to the on-looking Senators who would take them back to their constituents.
     As It Stands, instead of dots on the forehead like India’s caste system, elite Americans have dollar signs tattooed over their hearts!  

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Tom Holloway said...

Sad but unfortunatly. true.