Monday, October 5, 2009

Now this is how to rob a bank

The G4S facility outside Stockholm that was spectacularly robbed

“Show you have a sense of humor by placing a bag outside the cops’ helicopter hanger with the word BOMB written on it. This will stop the police chasing you in the sky.

Scatter small sharp objects on the roads around the bank you’re targeting to slow down approaching police cars.

Rather than targeting a regular bank, choose a facility that stores banknotes for them.

Get schematics of the building.

Plan the raid for the day before people get paid, so there’ll be lots of cash kicking around.

Hover the chopper over the bank while your men abseil in.

Have a pilot so good that authorities suspect military experience.

Set off some minor explosions to get to the cash.

Chuckle at the cops as they try to get into the fortified building using a battering ram.

Leave all the staff unharmed.

Return to the helicopter and fly into the pre-dawn sky.

Land the chopper in a field.

Disappear into the woods with the loot.

Roll around in your money.”

thanks to The Punch for the above photo and article.

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Tom Sebourn said...

I see a Hollywood movie in the making.
True story: I reported in college radio. A guy breaks into a Porsche dealer in Buena Park Ca. He fires up a turbo 911 and drives it through the plate glass windows. Takes it out onto the 91 freeway and the chase starts. He gets on and off the freeway so many times that he has Buena Park, Anaheim, Fullerton, police on his tail. Anaheim has a helicopter, the CHP also joins in with their helicopter. He hit speeds of 165 mph and out ran radios and helicopters.

They guy hits interstate 15 north, toward Las Vegas and lost everyone. They found the car in Barstow and the dude was never caught.
He hit speeds of 165 mph and out ran radios and helicopters.

No one was hurt except for a few cop cars. Judging from the way he drove, he must have owned a 911 once and just wanted one last ride.

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