Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Money to perserve monuments best spent on live veterans

The Associated Press recently ran the following news story and it got me to thinking.

What’s more important? To preserve and protect national monuments to wars, or helping live veterans today?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the private organization that built the memorial, is in the process of raising funds to take care of the monument’s needs because the federal funding is drying up.

My challenge to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is to consider the live veterans that need help in this country and to start fundraising for them along with their other efforts.

As a Vietnam veteran I think symbols are fine, but I also believe veterans are better served while their still alive and have needs right now. 


“Repair work was underway Wednesday at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall as a private memorial fund took over landscaping and maintenance of 13 acres from the National Park Service.” Click here to read the whole article.

Photo by By J. David Ake, AP

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