Friday, September 4, 2009

Who are the “lunatic fringe?”

They ignore facts. They are always afraid of something. They view President Obama as a black man whose taking over “their” country.

They wear Confederate belt buckles, and share stories of the “good old days in the south” when “darkie” knew his place. They are angry women, and men, who saw their party voted out of power last year. They ignore little facts like that.

They are the conspiracy crowd. The lunatics suspect we are all going to be Communists, because our president is a liberal Democrat. They ignore facts.

The lunatic fringe will always feel disenfranchised because they are a minority. Even so, they are a loud emotional minority that babble jingoisms. They call on “God and Country” and tell lies like our president wasn’t born in the USA. They seriously ignore facts.

It’s really easy to spot the lunatic fringe, because they like to draw attention to their beliefs while re-defining reality. They are adults dressing up in colonial era clothing and calling themselves “Tea-baggers.” They like to ignore facts.

They claimed that Obama would be the worst president ever, when it came to gun control - violating our rights as Americans. It didn’t happen. It hasn’t happened. He wouldn’t dare to defy the NRA, and the gun and ammunition industry. Their lobbies rule Congress and the House. They can afford to ignore facts about record sales of automatic weapons going to Mexico’s drug cartels.

While the lunatic fringe may be small in numbers, they have the backing of the NRA and gun and ammunition industry lobbies. They do have some power. Probably more than we can even imagine. Ignoring facts is their cup-of-tea. 


Rose said...

WTF? What a bunch of label-driven drivel. I've met you. You don't seem like this kind of person. Where does this come from?

ImBlogCrazy said...

It comes from anger.

It's a rant (I'll give you that), because I'm tired of seeing this country in political turmoil - I'm tired of seeing people ignore facts for ideaology.

I'm tired of all the lies from consevative rabble rousers.

It's obvious that our country will continue the deep divide between parties...until someday each has it's own army and they fight the Civil War all over again.

I seldom let my anger show like this. Writing about it helps.

Rose said...

But Dave - those "rabble-rousers" are merely asking their Representatives to a.) stop spending more than they have, b.) read the bills before they vote on them, c.) act like Statesmen, and d.) TALK TO THE PEOPLE.

The only conceivable reason for your anger is that they are daring to question Obama.

But maybe you can answer this question: If the urgency to pass the medical care legislation was to deal with a problem immediately, then why postpone the date when the legislation goes into effect for years-- more specifically, until the year after the next Presidential election?... (not me asking, it's a quote from Thomas Sowell.

Why does it not kick in til 2013?

That's just ONE question.

Another is, if it was so Goddam urgent, why hasn't Pelosi been pushing it until now? Where are all the previous attempts? Non-existent. This is a ginned-up crisis, and it is designed to make you just that mad.

And you, of all people, being a journalist, ought to appreciate questions, be able to see PAST the propaganda being shoveled at you - you talk about partisan polarization, but you have chosen that path yourself with derogatory characterizations.

ImBlogCrazy said...

I do appreciate questions.

I just don't understand why, when myths like the "Death Panel" crap have been debunked, "these people" still trot out that dead horse and others like it?

Anybody can see the current medical system is crumbling around our ears. How long should we wait until something proactive is done?
Another year? Maybe two? Maybe Obama shouldn't even try to change things. Those with money, like the status quo. What do you think?
(Oh wait a moment! that's right, you think there's a conspiracy

One thing really stands out to me about people like Lyndon LaRouche and other so-called concerned patriots:
No matter what Obama proposes (right down to giving a speech to the nation's students)there's a hard-core fraction that simply hate him for reasons running from being racists, to him being in the wrong party!

I call them obstructionists. Their one goal is to see Obama ran out of the White House.

The majority of people in this country want a public option. Their the same crowd that voted for Obama.

Most of the people opposed to health care reform are not just simply asking questions - they are making accusations and calling Obama everything from an Ape to Hitler!
If these are just regular people who all just happen to be chanting the same nasty shit as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, then God help us all.

The longer we wait the better chance nothing will ever get done. Look at what the medical industry lobbies have spent since health care reform came up: $375 million!
Where do you think all that money is going?

I have chosen my path - not based on idealogy - but on the issues. At times I may stray to the liberal side because I agree with them on a particular issue. There's nothing wrong with that.

Finally, my PTSD get's the better of me at times. I need to stop posting when those times happen.

As for your comment that the reason I'm angry is that people are questioning Obama - please don't know why I was angry.

You just assume, which doesn't make it a fact. That's like the people I mentioned - the obstructionists - assuming that Obama is socialist and not an American citizen.
When will this kind of thing ever stop?

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