Monday, August 17, 2009

There's public & private options - you pick!

Thanks to Farleftside by Stanfill

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Rose said...

Actually there are 5 plans up in the air - it remains to be seen if any Congresspeople have bothered to read them, much less comprehend what they are reading and what they are planning to do.

Gone are the days, apparently, when the Legislators viewed themselves as Statesman, who would take the appropriate time to evaluate, assess, suggest, discuss, debate after listening to their constituents, not thier party bosses.

What you have here is a President and a complicit Congress who tried to ramrod this through without any examination - and they have met the American People, who are saying, not so fast.

Then you have all the accusations being slung at the People, by those self-same spoiled arrogant legislators, one of whom has outright said he will adamantly vote against the interests of his District, has the White House setting up a snitch line for you to turn in your neighbor if the ask questions about Obama's IDEA, whatever it is (one of those 5 plans we assume).

And again, you have the People saying, "NOT SO FAST."

This is the most disgraceful thing we have seen in our lifetime.

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