Friday, August 7, 2009

Online Optical Illusion: The Hidden Tiger

By Boomeryearbook

Do you believe the statement “The first impression is the last impression” is true? Think again. There are various online optical illusions that will prove this quote wrong. When individuals look at an image, they try to perceive it in relationship to something that is most closely related to something they have experienced before. Psychological articles tell us that banking on this nature, creators of online optical illusions have created various illusions to play trick on the viewers.

The ‘The Hidden Tiger’ is one of those online optical illusions that tricks the human eye based on the way the human organizes visual sensory input.

What is your first impression of this online optical illusion? Your first impression may be that it is a picture of a tiger in the woods. You will also see the trees and the grasses. This is where our first impression can prove to be deceptive or incomplete.

Take another look. Do you see anything else? To be more precise, do you see ‘The Hidden Tiger’ in this online optical illusion? Take a closer look and try to find ‘The Hidden Tiger.’

If you still cannot find ‘The Hidden Tiger’, look closely at the tiger’s stripes. Can you now see the ‘The Hidden Tiger’ in this online optical illusion? Most probably yes. Are you wondering how you missed it in the first trial? Well, you are far from alone and there is nothing to worry about. The majority of people looking at this online optical illusion tend to see the “whole” of the big tiger, not the hidden tiger as the way we perceive something is based on matching the perception of the new stimuli and generalizing it to something familiar of which we have stored prior knowledge.

Taking a first look at this online optical illusion of ‘The Hidden Tiger’ demonstrates that first impressions are seldom true; they are more accurately based on past perceptions and not just current stimuli. Thus the human brain’s way of generalizing sensory information provides the source of online optical illusion tricks, and encourages us to take a closer look at what we see in the world around us.

So, after “reframing” how you look at this online optical illusion, do you still believe the statement “The first impression is the last impression” is true? We at Boomer Yearbook would love to encourage you to look again.

image via Google Images

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