Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A ray of hope – or colonial exploitation?

As you sip your coffee or tea this Tuesday morning, here's a subject that everyone has an opinion on; global warming (or if you prefer, climate warming).

But what about the idea of world corporations getting together and basically colonizing parts of the planet (Africa in this example)? Hmmmm.....

By Adam on July 14, 2009

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference now less than six months away, climate scientists remain, at best, 'cautiously optimistic' about the political efforts to prevent runaway climate change - and at worse, devastatingly sceptical. But whilst the 15,000+ politicians and bureaucrats who will be at Copenhagen prepare themselves for some hard negotiating, work on potential 'technological solutions' continues apace. Leaving aside some of the wackier geo-engineering projects, the focus is very much on renewable energy.

News today that a grouping of 12 corporate giants has sealed a deal to develop an enormous solar plant in North Africa has been broadly welcomed as a positive step by government and NGO experts. Greenpeace UK's chief scientist, for example, has stated that the so-called 'Desertec' project is "just the kind of innovation we need if we're going to beat climate change."

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photo by Mike Baird

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