Monday, June 8, 2009

Reader suggests conspiracy in cell phone industry


Sunday's column:

Are young people facing a brain cancer epidemic caused by cell phones?

From an alert reader today, we have the following email.

Please note I didn't use the reader's name or address (as they requested), due to the sensitivity of the information. I've heard many things about cell phones, and I know for sure they are a powerful lobby with enough power to submerge scientific facts. Some links to more information on this subject are: and .

"There is, in fact a direct association between brain cancer and cell phone usage since way back when. The cell phone industry almost lost their product under a lawsuit brought on to Ameritech Cellular by a consumer. 

This lawsuit was quickly resolved, and pushed under the rug by the courts, Ameritech Cellular, the FCC, Cellular Phone company scientists, and the Federal Government.

The Federal Government took the Cell Phone company scientist's findings, instead of asking the FCC and the Cell Phone companies to run an independent test.

I have been in the cell phone business for quite some time, and have seen severe brain cancers of my own colleagues, at quite a young age, caused by radio frequency waves, and taking their lives. 

The government and our Skunk Testing Sites constantly are trying to find out ways to improve and use these radio frequencies, they call harmless, and get them implemented into our arsenal of fighting equipment and to the battlefield for use. 

It shall be extremely hard for you to dig this information back up, and you possibly may want to use the "Disclosure of Information Act" to do so BUT, I caution you, you will be stepping on some very big toes.

The Telecommunications Industries, Cell Phone Companies at the top of the list, spend billions of dollars a year for lobbyist at the White House, so that anything that comes up negative about the cellular industry, will be spun off for the president, our senators, legislators, and of course the public.

I had worked in the Cellular communication field for about 15 years prior to being fired for telling the CEO of Verizon Wireless, that AT&T has the most cellular coverage, which was very true at the time.  His name, Lowell McFadden, the most scrupulous person in the Cellular Communication Corporation.
If you still want to push this subject, and it is not just a news article to you, I wish you lots of luck.
I will ask that my name and e-mail address remain anonymous, for reasons you now know." 

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