Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Back! Time to Blog and Roll.....

Look out traditional newspapers, Dave's back to blog! I've been going through withdrawals not being able to blog the last four days.

So much is happening in the world that I have to blog on it. It's time for opinions, snappy images, jokes, optical illusions, news items, and so much more.

I see my column last Sunday (3/8/09) has got people talking in cyberspace and that four different blogs have picked it up. One of those blogs, WatchPaul, seemed to think I was day-dreaming about pot legalization. Rose pointed out that my column was all "hearts and flowers" etc.

First off, I want to thank Rose, and everyone else, who gave input on my legalization column. The T-S Topix thread got a lot of responses to my column. Some people thought I was nuts. However, if you read those comments you'll notice that the majority seem to agree with my position on legalizing pot.

Not that that matters. When I give an opinion I expect people won't always agree with me. That's really okay. I just like having honest input, pro or con. Oh may be right Rose...about me being all happy about the prospect of legalization. Should I have lengthened the column and talked about all the possible problems and side-effects of legalization?

I don't think so. I stayed on point for a reason. To make an impact. There's plenty of naysayers out there willing to conjure up all kinds of reasons why legalization wouldn't work. I hear what Rose is saying, and respect her opinion. I hope that is a two-way street.

Time to open the door to my muse for the's great being back!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Dave.

In the AP articles on Rich on the creamery, the reporter interviewed Dennis Leonardi without mentioning that he is on the creamery's board and whatever problems are occurring occurred under his watch -- if am I correct in saying that he was on the board. I believe he is, but if I am incorrect, then I stand corrected.

Also, I'm not saying Rich or anyone else did anything wrong. That's up to the auditors and authorities.

Nor am I demeaning the hard-working dairy families and all of those businesses and employees who rely on the creamery for economic sustenance.

I'm only saying that AP did not do its job once again. From Associated Press to Absolutely Repugnant. That's today's AP. Inept.

Hope your trip was good.

ImBlogCrazy said...

Thanks Glenn.
I had a great trip.

AP has always been second-rate. Why change now?

Rose said...

We're not that far off, Dave. At this point I am also calling for Legalization - put an end to the farce that is 215. When someone like me reaches this point you are probably one election away from Legalization. Because we have all been brainwashed into believing that this is just like Prohibition and it will all be hunky dory once we flip the switch.

All I am saying is to think about it further. Ask the deeper questions and consider the unintended consequences.

Everyone who voted for 215 did so with a particular vision in mind - envisioning someone like yourself finally being free of worrying about a joint in the glovebox or a plant or two growing in their greenhouse. Or college kids who aren't harming anyone, we all know it isn't a big deal and we were willing to give the wink and the nod to medical marijuana - WITHOUT thinking about what turned out to be the consequences.

If you had asked people if they would vote for it if it was to give the greenlight to every criminal in the country moving here - renting your house that you just paid $30,000 to renovate to make it nice for someone to live in, taking your rental , ripping holes in the walls and floors, filling it up with dirt, overloading it with illegal wiring, the resultant mold and fires, all so that they could make hundreds of thousands of tax-free illegal gains - NO ONE WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR IT.

That is NOT what people had in mind, but the defacto legalization in this county under Gallegos has resulted in an incredible increase in crime and criminals, much of which goes unreported, but alot of which has recently made the front pages - killings, home invasions, etc.

It is not all hearts and flowers - and Legalization will bring its own set of problems.

The biggest question is - do you really think that these people who have been making $300,000 + tax free and living the high life are suddenly willingly going to fork over 60% of their incomes to the State and Feds? Income Tax, Self Employment Tax, Employee withholdings, business licenses, fees, fines, compliance costs - seriously?

Do you have any idea what a change it will be for them to live under the draconian system all other businesses have to contend with?

They're already criminals, Dave, willing to risk it all, their families - everything - for money.

That's just for starters.

My post was not intended to insult you - I'm just DONE with the farce, the injustice of the way it is currently configured.

And I think Legalization will bring about a whole new kind of CAMP in order to enforce the Tax Laws. Won't it be lovely?