Thursday, February 12, 2009

Controversy surrounds Octuplets and their single Mom

Different views on Nadya Suleman's recent birth of octuplets are reflected in the following columns:


By Debra Saunders
Feb 10, 2009

This is not going to be a column that dumps on the misguided and clearly troubled Nadya Suleman -- the 33-year-old unemployed single Whittier mother of six who gave birth to octuplets last month. Of course, a single mother of six has absolutely no business having more children. Click here for Saunders full column.

From the Huffington Post this morning;

Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman On Food Stamps, Three Kids Receive Disability

Photos of California octuplets released; mom receives death threats

By Shaya Tayefe Mohajer

Associated Press

Posted: 02/11/2009 10:43:12 PM PST

A big share of the financial burden of raising Nadya Suleman's 14 children could fall on the shoulders of California's taxpayers, compounding the public furor in a state already billions of dollars in the red.

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