Friday, August 29, 2008

Caution:these two columns may piss you off!

These two columns have been published in Nolan Chart today:

1) Paranoid police picked the wrong convention to model riot gear!

    Anyone with any sense should have known that anti-war protestors will go for the source-the Republican's National Convention. Just who started the wars anyhow?

2)Okay let's just get it out in the open: Playing The Gender Card With Palin.

    Everyone on the planet knows that some of Hillary's followers were feminists who were voting on the Gender Card, and that when she lost to Obama they had to go somewhere!   

1 comment:

Jeff Muskrat said...

Dave, both parties ARE the same.

So called "Liberals" are pretty lame and neutral about things. Apparently, Obama will lean either way to appease centrists.

So called "Conservatives" are easily scared into reacting, as with 9/11. Hard to argue with that.

Both conventions deserve equal amounts of protesters due to the fact that both parties perpetuate the same war machine.

As far as protesting goes here in Berkeley, things are getting scary:

"Campus officials said that "more than a few" threatening e-mails were sent from the Long Haul Infoshop to UC Berkeley faculty and staff, leading the campus to seek a search warrant for various data storage devices at the shop. While threatening e-mails to the campus are generally not that common, most of the recent ones are about "hot-button issues" like the tree-sit and animal research, said campus spokesperson Robert Sanders."

Read more at the Tree-sit blog.
"Fire Bombings and FBI Raids...history repeated?"