Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slinky Co-Founder-Betty James- passed away yesterday at 90


I just posted the Slinky story (below) 48 hours ago, and then I read in the LA TIMES today that she passed away! The timing of the blog seems kinda eerie to me. For more CLICK HERE.

 I bet you didn't know that the inventor of the popular children's toy (Richard T. James) the Slinky - had a meltdown and left his wife to join a religious cult in Bolivia. He died in 1974. The old adage - behind ever great man there is a woman - never applied more than to his wife Betty. She took over the company and made it a continuing success story. In 2002, the Slinky was named the official state Toy of Pennsylvania, and Betty James was inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame.

I wonder if all states have official toys?


Anybody have any idea what California's might be?


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Kym said...

According to Wikipedia, only 3 states have official toys and CA isn't one.

I nominate the frisbee.