Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to my Thursday morning coffee klatch mateys…

The coffee is hot and tasty and the news is what it is! For openers there was a bit of a mutiny on stranded MSC cruise ship yesterday. 'We want the captain,' shouted passengers, who faced another ordeal after disembarking

Police comb city for mullet-wearing bandit

Police in Ohio are searching for a mullet-wearing bandit they say has been on a bank-robbing spree across the state.

A man sporting the distinctive hairdo -- short on the top, tight on the sides and long in the back -- is a suspect in at least two bank robberies in Columbus over the past two weeks, FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas told Reuters, and may have been involved in a third holdup in the northeast part of the state.

Jamie McCourt

Jamie McCourt asks judge to order sale of Dodgers

My Dodgers have been in dire straights lately. The almost didn’t make the May team payroll. Now this:

“In a court filing made public today, Jamie McCourt says the Dodgers are on 'the brink of financial ruin' due to Frank McCourt's 'mismanagement.' She asks that the judge act before Major League Baseball seizes the club, in order to get the highest sale price for the team.”

Woman's quest for missing dad leads to Utah desert

It was supposed to be Kenneth Schneider's goodbye to the world, the last solo road trip the 78-year-old would take, from Washington state back to his native Utah.

No one knows just how or why the trip ended as abruptly as it did. But, more than five years later, as she clutched her father's skull in the harsh southern Utah desert, Leslie Schneider finally felt an odd catharsis and relief that her family's own emotional quest for answers also had come to an end.

That’s all for now folks. Time for me to head on down the road…

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