Friday, May 20, 2011

Preakness Stakes Infield: Where Debauchary Runs Wild While the Horses Run in Second Leg of the Famous Triple Crown


I had no idea that horse racing offered such diverse entertainment.

If the world doesn’t end tomorrow (and I suspect it won’t) then consider going to this party:

Pimlico race track officials offer a wild party in the infield of the famous race track. They walk a fine line, every year between losing control of these annual parties… and losing the event. Something no one wants to happen. It makes money. That’s the real name of the game isn’t it folks?

The People’s Party, also dubbed by locals as the “Biggest Outdoor Frat Party in the World,” offers an infield crowd of diverse groups of people, with professionals, racing fans, college students. It’s typically a fun-seeking, younger crowd, but there are plenty of veterans who have been partaking in the celebration for decades. The array of outfits and costumes is befitting for a carnival.

Many will be well-inebriated hours before the Preakness is run. It’s not your average day at the racetrack. It certainly isn't a place for children.The 2010 infield scene featured more security and much-improved dining options and beverage stands. But the insanity still existed. You could still witness the “Toilet Run,” also known as the running of the urinals, where participants must dash across the top of numerous porta-potties while getting pelted with objects from onlookers. There also were passed-out people all over the ground, some fighting and, of course, women flashing their bare-skinned chests.

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