Thursday, May 19, 2011

Part II: Pursuing more psychodelic posters just because…

image_075 image_086 image_115 image_093

What can I say? I love these old 60s and 70s posters. I remember making a few of my own, but with nowhere near the expertise displayed here.

image_112 image_111 image_109 image_116

It’s strange seeing them after all of these years. I still remember my first black light poster – it was The Doors. Rock on!

image_133 image_137image_139 image_141

All of these images are available at Google Images Public domain. I’ll share more on another day.


Stephen said...

Decades ago I worked in the Hartsook Inn kitchen with a cook there who was one of those Fillmore poster artists. Like me he too couldn't find galleries to take psychedelic art during the '60's and '70's because of the onus of illegal drug association. So the whole Psychedelic Art movement became the only art movement in world history that was deliberately passed over because of the power of the gallery owners to display artists. The world got Pop Art and then Fantasy Art but Psychedelic Art, no no, and it's still that way. If I simplify my art style and call it "Abstract Art" it passes gallery owner approval but one of these days the world will know what it missed. The Psychedelic Art movement was the only art movement to unite indigenous cultures together with modern art through shared psychedelic imagery. Ariel Lome

what I mean.

Dave Stancliff said...

The supression of psychedelic art sounds like a good subject to write about.

Especially for someone like yourself Stephen.You could use your posters to go along with the article.

Just a thought.

Stephen said...

I'm too busy saving the world now but after tomorrow if I'm still here I'll think about it. What happens if you get ruptured during the Rapture, btw?