Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogger Alert: I’m offering a reward for exposing hate blog author

My PhotoIf you’re not familiar with the Joe Blow blog you’re better off for it. But if you’re one of those people Blow goes after, then you know what he’s all about. Just look at today’s blog attacking me – his favorite pastime.

For well over a year this anonymous coward that calls himself Joe Blow has been attacking me and spewing malicious lies, slander and libel. Just look back at his archives. They’re proof of his campaign of hate.

I’ve put up with his shit long enough. It’s time for an accounting. If you can provide me with his name, address, phone number, I’m offering a reward. Email me at You’re name will not be revealed to anyone.

It’s time Joe Blow finds out that he can’t get away with his hate-filled rants that cross the line. I’ve never had a problem like Joe Blow in over 20 years as an editor and publisher. The man is obsessed with me. I’ve offered to meet with him in Southern Humboldt where he lives, and to talk out our differences like mature adults, but he refused and spewed more paranoid blather. (See his archives)

If this crazy bastard would leave me alone, I wouldn’t pursue this avenue to stop him. However, after his post today it’s evident he’s never going to stop harassing me.I don’t read his blog, but Google Alert warns me every time he posts stuff about me.

I’ve outright asked Blow boy to reveal his name, but he told me he couldn’t or “I’d have to move to Peru.” What’s that mean? Is he a criminal on the run? Perhaps someone with a criminal past? In past comments he’s mentioned about living in South America for a while and going broke while doing something there. Any connection? Who knows, but whatever it is it’s bad enough to make him conceal his identity.

I’m taking this drastic measure because it’s the only way to stop him. I’ve already had a lawyer look over his past posts maligning me and he says I have a strong case against Blow boy. This is a case of constantly attacking a person’s reputation with lies and malicious slander. We do have laws to prevent this. Now, I just have to find the coward and get him in court. He picked this fight and I’m going to finish it.



J2Bad said...

I'm a fan of your blog, and even though I've seen your comments refuted from time to time (and even refuted one or two, myself), I've never thought worse of you because of that critique. At the risk of adding to your unhappiness at this moment, I want to encourage you to let this go.

It's never pleasant to be attacked or ridiculed or lampooned or whatever has been going on, and I know firsthand that the imaginary discussions we conduct online can produce real anguish, but you seem on the cusp of mounting a campaign to try to hold back the tide, and I don't think you'll be better off or happier for the effort. The internet can't be controlled, vitriolic responses are sometimes the price we pay for our public utterances, and Joe Blow is just filling a niche. Remember that your readers won't think badly about you just because someone takes a pot shot at you, or takes you to task for a position you take; on the other hand, you risk your own objectivity and peace of mind by focusing too much attention on the gnats circling your head. (Channeling Bill): Have a peaceful day.

Dave said...

Thanks for caring enough to comment and to give good advise.
You're right. I shouldn't let this clown get through to me.

It's not easy though. I have PTSD and sometimes things like this get to me. Especially after a one-man campaign for over a year.

You're right about having no control on the internet. However, cases such as this have been tried and the troll involved punished.

I'd just as soon not go the extreme of sueing him, but I don't have any other idea how to make him stop.

Meanwhile, I'll try to channel "Peace" as you suggested.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it. I'm a heavy local blog reader and never heard of the guy's blog. And, I still wouldn't know if you hadn't mentioned it, with your mention then going to Ernie's blog.

Hey, as long as Hank doesn't put him in the limelight of the Journal's blog roundup, he practically doesn't exist. He gets off knowing that you read him. If you stopped reading, and genuinely stopped caring, he'd eventually go away. It might take a while, but he'd know it was futile. His goal is to piss you off, and so far his work is paying off.

Hank Sims said...

Dave: What 11:08 said.

The dude is a world-class Internet douchebag, and all who have had the misfortune of reading him knows it. Everyone, to a person, groans when they see him coming.

"Don't feed the trolls." Ancient Internet wisdom. Heed it!

Anonymous said...

The key to understanding the guy is that you, Dave, are his most important reader. If you stop reading, he only has one friend left -- his hand.

Dave said...

Both Anons and Hank:

Thanks for your support. It helps remind me that there are good people in cyberspace and I shouldn't waste my time on exceptions like Blow boy.

Anon 4:37 really gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

Jocko said...

Its time to take your reward off your blog. Your feeding this idiots ego. Its not worth the time or effort. Remember, life is short, take a walk and move on.