Thursday, August 19, 2010

Palin’s picks lose primaries – time for ‘Mama Grizzly’ to go into hibernation

In this Aug. 9, 2010, photo, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during a rally for Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel, background, in Atlanta. Palin converted a failed run for the vice presidency into a job, more or less, as a driving force for American ultraconservatism and its manifestation in the nationwide tea party movement. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Perhaps there is still some sanity out there in the hinterlands. Paying Palin to stump for candidates hasn’t paid-out for the tea baggers and other assorted wackaloons. 

Primary losses blunt Palin's 'Mama Grizzly' claws

“It's been a summer of setbacks for Sarah Palin. Candidate "cubs" endorsed by the Mama Grizzly in Chief have been suffering a recent string of primary election losses.

The Republicans' 2008 vice presidential nominee promised a pack of "mama grizzly" candidates would rise up and defeat Democrats in this November's elections. But office-seekers she supported in Kansas, Wyoming and Washington state lost their primaries despite her high-profile endorsements. And Karen Handel lost her runoff contest for Georgia governor a day after sharing an Atlanta stage with Palin.”

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Tom Sebourn said...

inThe local Tea Party is publicly pro war. The said they didn't like Ron Paul because he was against unnecessary wars like Iraq.

Most people aren't warmongers. If national tea parties are like the local one, they won't get much traction from the Democrats or Independents.

For the most part, Republicans weren't warmongers either until Bush Cheney were appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court.