Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the winner is - survey names America’s favorite burger

My high school buddy, Larry, and I went in search for the best hamburger in Kauai in 2008.

Our first search for the perfect hamburger goes back to the summer of 1969 when we traveled throughout Canada and the United States.

Since I first moved to Humboldt County back in 1978, I’ve been on the alert for good burgers. One of my favorite was from a short-lived operation out of one of those food wagons. The owner Tony, made the absolute best burger in the county. Sadly, he moved on to working for a fancy restaurant that doesn’t serve burgers!

Currently. the best burgers come from Stars (in Eureka on Harris), and Tony’s (Just off the 101 in Arcata near the BLM building). I’m still on the prowl for great burgers, so if I’m missing a good one in Humboldt…please tell me about it!


“According to the latest Fast Food Survey by Zagat, the best burger in America comes from Virginia-based chain Five Guys. But while the regional chain edged out national players in the hamburger category, Dairy Queen rules the Best Milkshakes category, while the best fries still come from McDonald’s.

The results of the survey were revealed live on TODAY Monday. The survey covered 136 fast-food and full-service chains nationwide. Voting on zagat.com, 6,518 voters weighed in on everything from chicken and cheeseburgers to smoothies and seafood. Full survey results are available at zagat.com/fastfood.”


Jocko said...

The survey further points out for 'up to 5000 locations' In-n-Out was rated #1 for Top Food, #2 for Best Service and was # 2 for Best Burger. Next time your over here, I found a GREAT burger in Flourney of all places. What a burger!!!!!!

Tom Sebourn said...

I think both Tony's and Stars use Humboldt Grass Fed Beef.
That would not only make them good tasting but healthy too.
I agree that Stars and Tony's are about the best burgers I have ever tasted in Humboldt.
There is another, but not for the purist