Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Woman walks home with six-inch knife stuck in her neck

This ought to be an entry for Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Looking at that knife in her neck, it’s hard to imagine that the body can seal off pain through shock…but it does sometimes.

Mugging victim Julia Popova calmly went home after being robbed on her way home from work - without realizing she had a six inch knife stuck into her neck.
The 22-year-old office worker had grappled with her attacker when he snatched her handbag as she walked to her parents' home in the Russian capital Moscow.
But she was so shocked by the ordeal she didn't know that the thug had buried a kitchen knife in her neck just fractions of an inch from her spinal cord.
Her horrified parents rushed her to hospital where surgeons managed to remove the blade without damaging Julia's spine.
"Shock had kicked in and her body prevented her from feeling any pain. She simply walked home without feeling the knife in her back," said one medic.”

Photo and text via Austrian Times


kymk said...

Wow, just wow!

Bonkers said...

Damn, didn't get the kill :[