Friday, December 4, 2009

A cheerful bit of news for Friday

Holiday spirit?

A convenience store owner who showed mercy to a would-be robber says he's received an apology note and $50 in the mail.

The unsigned note said it was from the man who tried to rob Mohammad Sohail, who has a store on Long Island, near New York City. The note said the would-be robber has a new job, a new child, and is staying out of trouble.

Sohail told the newspaper Newsday that he is saving the $50 for charity.

The bat-wielding man tearfully told Sohail in May that he was trying to feed his family. The rifle-toting businessman gave him $40 and bread, and made him promise never to rob again.

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Tom Sebourn said...

That's the kind of stuff movies are made of.
He now pays taxes instead of being locked up. If he were locked up, his family would have to receive government aid. We, as tax payers would be paying somewhere around 45 thousand dollars a year to incarcerate the would be robber. The entire thing spirals down to no good. Positive actions and thinking beget positive outcomes. I think that's the moral of this story.

You find some of the darndest things to blog about.