Saturday, October 24, 2009

My sons are competing in a tough guy contest tonight…

Two of my sons, Nate and Eli Stancliff are competing in a tough guy contest at Cherie Heights Casino (Trinidad) in a couple of hours.

Nate is fighting in the 155 weight class. It’s considered the most competitive weight and usually the Big Event of the night. A two-time champion will be among Nate’s opponents.

Eli is fighting in the heavyweight class (200 and up). Eli weighs 210 and is the lightest heavyweight to compete. There’s one guy in his class whose 6 foot-eight inches, and weighs 250 pounds.

Neither of my sons have ever entered a contest like this. They were both varsity wrestlers while in high school, but this type of mixed-martial art competition is a whole different ball game. Neither one of them even trained for it.

Their wives are both worried about their safety. So am I, and their Mother even more so. You can’t help it. You worry when a loved one gets involved in a violent sport. The wives went to the contest to support them.

Shirley and I stayed home, and are both trying to stay busy until this thing is over with tonight. Until we get that phone call telling us they are both all right.

My feelings are mixed however. I remember boxing while in the Army and I enjoyed it. I have to admit that there is a savage joy in pounding someone into submission in the name of sport. You know you’re not going to get in trouble, so you can let it all “hang out” in a display of fury and fists.

I want my boys to survive this contest. If they win it, I hope they don’t do it again. I hope one last fling will be enough. They’re both in their 30s, and really too old to be involved in this kind of competition for younger men. But, like I said, I understand. Deep down where words have no meaning. Where you find yourself testing your limits just because.

Good luck boys!

Love, Dad

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UPDATE: Both of them survived without serious injuries last night. Nate ended up fighting the two-time champion (wouldn’t you know it?). His brother Richard (my third son) recounted the action to me: “Nate was kicking the crap out of the champion for most of the round. He knocked him down several times and busted his eyebrow open, but made a mistake when he went to the ground to finish him off.

The guy was a belted ju-jitsu fighter, and managed to slip a choke hold on Nate…and Nate had to tap out or pass out. He tapped out. The crowd was stunned. It looked like his fight until that sudden skillful move turned the tables.

Eli’s fight was one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of the night. Eli is five-foot, ten-inches tall and weighs 210 pounds. His opponent was six-foot two-inches tall and weighed 250 pounds. He looked like a midget next to the guy.

Eli was the smallest heavyweight of the night. In the first two minutes Eli tried to take the big man to the ground and absorbed numerous powerful punches while doing it. In the last minute Eli switched tactics and started slugging his opponent. With a dramatic round-house right Eli dropped the big man to the canvas! He then jumped un him and pounded away as the guy tried to cover up. Then the bell rang! The judges awarded a split decision to his opponent (who by the way went on to win the heavyweight championship).

Apparently the crowd was on their feet cheering Eli, and Richard said it was like watching the first Rocky movie! The crowd booed the decision.

I’m glad it’s over. But it looks like I have to worry again next year. Both of them have decided to fight again. Eli’s coming down to his natural weight class of 185-200 lbs.the next time around. Theyre actually going to train this time around and both fully expect to win their weight classes next year.

Okay…I’m proud of them. I see myself in both. I just wish they didn’t want to do this again. I’ll have to sedate Shirley next year!



Tom Sebourn said...

I went to that once. It's pretty brutal.

Tom Holloway said...

Thank God Tom was never into this sort of thing..if it were a computer game..maybe. Tracy and Breanna wouldn't for fear of breaking a nail.
Tell the boys Uncle Tom's proud of them!
Tell their wives Uncle Tom thinks they're crazy!