Friday, October 23, 2009

Comedian Soupy Sales dies at 83

 I loved the Soupy Sales program growing up. I really got a kick out of White Fang and Black Tooth, his two crazy dogs who spoke in grunts that he translated for viewers.

Then there was that famous (I think last episode) show where he flipped off the producers! With his demise, slapstick is officially gone. RIP…

Soupy Sales, he of the crumpled hat and droopy bowtie, whose raucous in-your-face daily kids show was an iconic hit of the '50s and '60s, died Thursday at the age of 83.”

See full story at USA Today (Photo by Scott Gries, Getty Images)


Stephen said...

I liked Soupy too. Guess it's the season to be losing a lot of old friends.

Samantha K said...

Soupy Sales: comedic genius, RIP. A lot of his mannerisms and energy reminds me of Dick van Dyke actually... the two even looked alike