Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow! 35 years married and still best friends, lovers, and proud parents…

I never would have guessed someone could stand me for so long! Shirley is the center of my universe. Anything I accomplished in life thus far is a tribute to her.

As a Vietnam veteran with PTSD, I haven’t been a constant joy to live with, yet she’s always stayed at my side, and “had my back.”

If you know Shirley, you know how loving and compassionate she is. She’s a hugger. She works in an oncology clinic and greets everyone with love and the understanding she will do all she can to help them.

Humor is just one of the things that strengthens our bond of love. We both believe that life is too short to waste being negative about things. We both believe that a positive attitude changes a person’s life, allowing them to contribute to society and be happy.

Happy Anniversary my “Brown-Eyed Girl!”    

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Tom Holloway said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Love to you both!

Anonymous said...


Dave said...

Thanks Tom and Kym