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More Reader Input on this week's cell phone column



Henry Padolsey - UK


I agree totally with the comments regarding Cell Phones, but as you probably aware that pulsed microwave emissions also come from your DECT cordless phone (at a similar frequency to cell phones). However, what you may be unaware of is that cordless phone base stations continue to emit this radiation 24/7/365 even if you are not making or receiving a call! This is a design flaw in the majority of cordless DECT phones. Generally people use their cordless phones for longer periods.

Also, it might be worth you taking a look at  similar research to Dr. Neil Cherry?

The problem has been partly solved in Europe with the availability of Low Radiation cordless DECT phones that switch off microwave emissions between calls and adjust their power output levels dependant of distance from base station.

Best regards

Henry Padolsey
Rowtex Limited, UK

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From: Mastsanity


All the research on brain tumors is now listed here
also see with more brain surgeons speaking out from Australia on
the front page (scroll down a little way)
and a fun rap song!!


From: Nancy Evans:

Thanks for the op-ed in the Eureka Times-Standard, Dave.

You are right on point to sound the alarm on this issue--and fortunate that the paper published your piece. Wish the SF Chronicle would allow a similar alert to readers here.  You'll find lots more on this issue at the website for the Collaborative for Health and the Environment (CHE).  There's a very comprehensive brochure/fact sheet which I helped prepare for the President's Cancer Panel on Radiation. 

I co-facilitate the CHE working group on EMF with Cindy Sage, principal of Sage Associates in Santa Barbara.  The science on EMF/RF exposure and health effects is extensive and compelling--and the news isn't good. When marketing gets ahead of science, people suffer.

Thanks again for your efforts,

Nancy Evans
Health Science Consultant

It's been wonderful getting all of your emails (37 from all around the world thus far) and I'm going to keep sharing some of the best ones with you. This one comes from a reader in Canada.

"Their not only selling their souls, but the souls of another generation"

  By S.A.Joyce

Hello Mr. Stancliff.

And thank you for being courageous enough to speak out about the growing evidence connecting exposure to EMF and microwave radiation to brain tumors, leukemia and various forms of cancer.

As you probably know, the Bioinitiatives group last year did a meta-analysis of all the available scientific studies to date and found a clear correlation of harm, and there are new studies being published almost every day somewhere in the world. 

The telecommunications industry has done a masterful job of obscuring the issue, the same as the tobacco industry did for 50 years after they had the evidence, the same as the energy industry did about global warming 20 or 30 years after they had the evidence. No one in those industries is willing to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, no matter how many people suffer and die.

So far every study done on microwave radiation exposure from cell phones that has been funded by the industry has—surprise!—shown either a negative or inconclusive result. That we still allow such conflict of interest in science to be accepted by our governments is a travesty, and one of the corporation's greatest disinformation weapons.

You have only to read Dr. George Carlo's book 'Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age' and learn of his experience working as a scientific researcher in the industry to realize how the entire game is corrupt and was rigged from the start. The telecom industry bribed government into allowing this product on the market with no pre-market safety testing—quite a political/economic feat in itself!

They then helped write the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which specifically—and tellingly—states that no community may object to the placement of cell phone broadcast towers based on health concerns. In other words, like Big Tobacco, they knew from the beginning.

In Canada we have followed the same pathetic regulatory regime as in the U.S., giving the telecom industry carte blanche to put up broadcast towers in any neighborhood they choose with no consultation and no recourse. In one neighborhood in BC's capital city Victoria (actually a suburb, Colwood) after an FM/cell phone broadcast tower was put up literally right in the midst of a block of houses, pets started dying, insomnia became pandemic and everyone on the block started coming down with various cancers and other illnesses. They have formed a citizens' group and are fighting to have the tower removed or at least the power levels turned down but are getting nowhere.

The simple fact is that government and industry are de facto business partners. This is how industry gets government to look the other way on products that are known to be hazardous before they are ever released. In the case of the telecom industry, the government which regulates and licenses the airwaves gets a billion dollars every time it chops up another slice of the microwave bandwidth to auction off. And the industry itself then makes billions more selling phone plans to its customers.

The fact that telecom corporations are willing to market these dangerous toys to children, knowing they are five times more susceptible to brain tumors and leukemia than adults, confirms that they are completely evil. They are selling not only their souls but the souls of the next generation for money.

Hate to sound like a Jeremiah, but there it is.

Take care.

Sean Arthur (Art) Joyce

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David Lloyd said...

It is now irrefutable that cell phones and other sources of RF and EMF's
cause brain cancer and a host of other acute and chronic conditions.
Brain surgeon Vini Kuhrana of Australia and many other scientists around the world involved in research think that we are facing a health debacle
that will eclipse tobacco and asbestos combined. There are thousands of
studies that support these statements coming mostly from European countries who have been aggressive about research while there is not one ongoing study in the United States. Portland OR and Los Angeles have adopted resolutions challenging the 1996 telecommunications act that prohibits using health concerns as criteria to question the placement of a cell tower. Telecoms will one day face huge liability suits and accountability. Schools and city councils should be lobbied for change and wi fi should be taken out of schools and libraries. RF and EMF health issues should be taught in schools alongside the dangers of tobacco and alcohol. Our educators have a moral and legal obligation to protect our children from toxic environments.

Wake up from the microwave trance.
Check out: