Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Matter of Concern: Pakistani authorities release A.Q.Khan - the man who sold nuke secrets to Iran, Libya, and North Korea!

Beware! Abdul Qadeer Khan is free. After a five-year term of house imprisonment Pakistani authorties are letting out "Mr. Nuke for hire!"

This just can't be a good thing.

Why couldn't the authorities convict this guy after all those years? Sounds like an inside job to appease the western nations when the word got out that Khan was trading secrets for money worldwide.

He sure must have some pull however, because he's back in circulation...hopefully he doesn't build a bomb for some bully that will start a world war!

(By B.k. Bangash -- Associated Press)

Brazillian street artists commissioned to paint castle



This is the Kelburn Castle in Scotland, close to a wonderfully-named Fairie village (Fairlie, actually) - see here - painted over by Brazillian street artists from Sao Paolo Nina and Nunca Os Gemeos (completed in June 2007):

image credit: Tim Kirman)

Octo-Mom's fertility doctor is under investigation

That single Mom, Nadya Suleman, who had eight kids at once has stirred up controversies nationwide.

The Medical Board of California is investigating a doctor — whom it did not name — to see if there was a "violation of the standard of care," board spokeswoman Candis Cohen said Friday.

Nadya Suleman, right, speaking with Ann Curry in New York on Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009, in Suleman's first interview since giving birth to octuplets last week.

By Paul Drinkwater, AP

Friday, February 6, 2009

EXTREME JOBS: High Voltage Cable Inspection Workers!

This job is pretty hardcore. See the incredible video about these "high voltage cable inspection" workers here

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A page out the the 1962 Modern Mechanix Magazine

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Here's some vintage Match Book Art from the 50s


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Signs of the Times: Andrea can't compete with ant spray!

The economy is hitting everyone hard these days. This unfortunate anteater can't find food anywhere because everyone is using ant spray these days. This is actually a commercial for SBP (see can in lower right of photo).

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Now Bank of America is in trouble? What's next?

A few months ago, mighty Bank of America Corp. and its chairman and chief executive, Kenneth D. Lewis, looked like the saviors of the financial system.

Now the giant is foundering, and Lewis could be fighting to keep his job.

I've banked with them for 20 years, and in general, I've had no trouble with them. I had a feeling buying Merril Lynch & Company for $50 billion however, was a bad move in troubled times.

That purchase came on the heels of shelling out $21 billion for Chicago-based La Salle Bank Corporation, and the billion takeover of Countryside Financial Mortgage Lender (the nation's largest mortgage lender).

For an in-depth report click here and see what the LA Times has to say about all of this.

Google image of BOA Logo

                           BREAKING NEWS FROM TPM MuckRaker

                 How Theresa Hatt Caused The Financial Crisis

By Zachary Roth - February 6, 2009, 11:23AM

Click here to read about one despicable account, that is a company policy, of how BOA treated the son of one woman who had passed away.

Lakers end Celtics recent win streak with OT victory

Pau Gasol blocked Ray Allen's desperation shot in overtime to preserve the Laker's 110-109 win in Boston Garden.

This is the second time this season the Lakers have stopped a Boston win streak. This time Boston won 12 in a row before falling to the Lakers.

Last time, Boston set a franchise record of 19 straight wins, when the Lakers ruined their Christmas Day by leading all the way.

As a fan since 1962, these are heady days with the Lakers boasting the best record in the NBA.

photo by Mark J. Terril/AP

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Picks Porn Lawyer, David Ogden, for #2 at Justice!

CHICAGO, February 4, 2009 ( - President Obama has made a major mistake and put America's families at risk by selecting David Ogden to become Deputy Attorney General, says Fidelis, a pro-family organization.

"David Ogden is a hired gun from Playboy and ACLU. He can't run from his long record of opposing common sense laws protecting families, women, and children.  The United States Senate has a responsibility to the American people to insure that Mr. Ogden's full record is fully reviewed before any vote on his nomination" said Brian Burch, President of Fidelis.

"Ogden's record is nothing short of obscene. He has represented Playboy Enterprises in multiple cases, Penthouse Magazine, the ACLU, and the largest distributor of hard-core pornography videos.  He has opposed filters on library computers protecting children from Internet smut, and successfully defended the right of pornographers to produce material with underage children."

"David Ogden has collected checks from Playboy and Penthouse to fight any attempts to establish filters on federally-funded public libraries. Ogden even sued the federal government in an attempt to publish Braille versions of Playboy magazine - at taxpayer expense, of course," said Burch.

As a lawyer in private practice, Ogden has argued for an unlimited abortion license, gays in the military, and has urged courts to treat traditional definitions of marriage as a social prejudice.

"A vast majority of Americans support parental notification before a minor's abortion and protecting kids from Internet pornography in our libraries," continued Burch.  "Yet David Ogden has fought tooth and nail against these common sense laws protecting our children from harm. At a time when America's families are under increasing assault, Mr. Ogden is a dangerous choice for a position whose responsibilities include the enforcement of our nation's laws. "

See a full dossier on Ogden compiled by Fidelis here:
To express concern to Senators regarding the appointment visit:

AP Photo/Linda Spillers, File

Hands of Art: illusion is in the hand of the artist

It's easy to see why these paintings are quite unique. Guido Daniele is the artist who makes these fantastic fists. To see more)



(images credit: Guido Daniele)

Batter Up! Baseball Season Underway

America's game is back.   A new season starts today with 15 MLB games on tap. All 30 teams will be engaged in this annual rite of Sprin...