Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well folks…we’ve been married 36 years as of today


I think back to that afternoon on Aug.31st, 1974, and the smile on Shirley’s lips as we repeated our vows. The elation and the celebration was special for many reasons.

I was finally ready to settle down after wandering around the country for three years after getting out of the Army. More important, I found out that I still had the capacity to love. During those three years of traveling I convinced myself that I was an island, and didn’t need anyone.

I saw such hate and horror in Vietnam that I was sure love was a myth. I condemned mankind in general because of that war. I didn’t see how love could survive in such a world. I was angry and disillusioned.

But something happened in 1974. I returned to California and started dating Shirley. Within six months I asked her to marry me. What previously seemed impossible had happened – I fell in love.

From that moment when we said our “I do’s” my life was transformed. Nine months later we had our first child which motivated me to go to college and to get a profession. I finally had a reason for being. A focus in life.

We had three sons who are all Dad’s now. Now we have five grandchildren. I never imagined myself being a grandfather, but it is a grand experience. I never would have guessed that I’d be in such a great situation at this point in my life. 

As It Stands, Miracles can happen. I know this for sure, because Shirley has proven to be the miracle in my life.    


Jendocino said...

What a wonderful romance! And what a fantastic, touching story, too. Congratulations, you two! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that was very sweet and romantic. Happy belated anniversary!

Tom Sebourn said...

Congratulations! Good times 1976. Spitfire by Jefferson Starship, the first Boston album and Led Zeppelin Presence.

Anonymous said...
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J2Bad said...

Tom had me convinced for a minute, and then he mentioned Presence, and it call came back to me. Still, sounds like you made your own good times. Congratulations!