Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here’s another reason why I wrote today’s column on shoddy Chinese products

Today’s column has been picked up by a web site called “Made in China Product Recalls,” and it gives links to other stories about what else is happening with our major trade partner.

Here are some other articles dealing with this latest recall involving lead again. The irony of this particular product is that it was so popular that shoppers couldn’t find it on the shelves this weekend and have been bidding on eBay for it – with prices going up to $100! It retailed for about ten bucks!


Zhu Zhu Pets Recall Could Be Just Around The Corner.Toys Found To Be Toxic
IndyPosted (blog)
No surprise here, but the Zhu Zhu pets are made in China which has had many problems with unsafe levels of lead being used in the production of toys. ...
Zhu Zhu Hamsters May Pose Health RiskCBS News
Zhu Zhu Pets Have High Levels of Antimony, Risking the Health of Your ChildEverything PR
Toxic Zhu Zhu

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Tom Holloway said...

I would bet that if the American public were aware of China's shoddy quality control practices the majority would still buy those same products, then, when harm comes to themselves or a loved one, they'd cry foul.
With everything that has been written on the subject and covered by the media, how could they not know?
A hundred bucks for a $10.00 item, who says Americans don't know a good deal when they hear it??