Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Humboldt Cooperative plans for the future

Dave Stancliff/For The Times-Standard

Posted: 09/08/2009 01:27:14 AM PDT

Dennis Turner isn't afraid to walk between two worlds if it means he can achieve his goal of helping people.

He knew when he started The Humboldt Cooperative in Arcata in November of 2003 that nothing but challenges lay ahead.

Challenges don't bother him. He's used to them. His roots are deep in Humboldt County's history, since his family first moved to the area in 1890. While Turner grew up in the Santa Rosa area, he was no stranger to Humboldt County and often visited his “Uncle Jimmy,” who lived in the area. He also married a local girl named Martha.

In 1973, Turner launched his career in helping people as a guidance counselor at McKinleyville High School. By 1978, he was running a research team for the Department of General Services in Sacramento.

He received his master's degree in career counseling at Humboldt State University in December of 1994 and went to work for the Department of Rural Human Resources in Crescent City. After six years, he became restless and decided it was time to move on.

By 2000, the times were changing as to the role of marijuana in society and Turner became interested in the therapeutic aspects of the controversial herb. Convinced that cannabis was good thing for those who needed it, he researched what it took to start a medical marijuana clinic. Click here to read the rest at The Times-Standard.


Rose said...

I'm just wondering if his plans for the future include people like BELLES, JASON LEON, WATSON, JONATHAN HENRY and Garrett Ryan Benson.

The article was a nice puff pice on the joys of the medical marijuana scam, but what about the home invasion robberies, the shooting, the bodies turning up, the housefires....

I know, I know, a pot leaf on the cover or above the fold means higher paper sales that day.

Dave said...

What about all those terrible things?

This article (or puff piece) wasn't meant to solve all the woes that come with marijuana.
There's plenty of that out there.

How often do you see a profile on a pot clinic owner?

Not too often.

No political stance was taken. It was an interview intended to let reader's see within the industry.

To attack me for not crusading against the bad things that are happening, is unfair.

If you feel medical marijuana is a scam, that's fine. Your entitled to that.
I know there is abuses in the system which I would like to see reformed.

Your right about a pot leaf over the fold - gets 'em every time! No surprise for such a controversial topic.