Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why do we buy Chinese goods when most are defective or dangerous to our health?

Take a long look at the quality of products we buy from China and then try to figure out why we bother buying junk from them every year. There have been numerous recalls on pet food, baby food, toys with lead, and now it's dry wall that can make people sick! Could it be that because we owe China one trillion dollars we have to buy their shit or they'll call in their markers? You have to wonder. There doesn't seem to be any justification for buying Chinese goods - other than they are cheaper...which to unscrupulous American companies is a real plus.

Here's information regarding the latest crap we're buying to build homes with from HomeOwners For Better Building....

Chinese drywall? Call your insurance company
There is an urgent message for people who may have Chinese Drywall in their homes: Contact your insurance company right away. Wednesday night, builders from across Southwest Florida tried to get a grasp on the Chinese drywall epidemic that's spread throughout the state and beyond. Dr. David Krause is the Florida Health Department Toxicologist who has been heading up the investigation into potential health risks.

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Here's More News on the subject from ...

Chinese drywall fears widen in SW Florida


"Richard Cesta’s on his third air conditioning coil in a few months at his Bella Terra condominium. The air in his home sometimes smells of sulfur.

Like other Lee County residents, he’s worried he may be victim of Chinese drywall leaking corrosive chemicals into his home and endangering his health. "

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Rose said...

I don't know if 'most' is accurate - but there sure are some major problems, and this drywall thing is really serious!

Why isn't that getting covered in the press?

Dave Stancliff said...

Good question Rose

I may do a column on it after some more research.
I was stunned when I ran across the dry wall thing this morning.