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Friday, January 2, 2009

There's always an eye-in-the-sky watching you...

Some people call the Eye Google. It's satellite shows every niche and cranny on the planet.

Now consider how easy it is for the government, under the auspices of the Patriot Act, to watch your every move with the thousands of satellites available to it.

It's George Orwell's greatest fear. He wrote about Big Brother as a warning to society. It didn't make any difference under the Bush regime which has methodically stripped us of our Constitutional rights.

Will the Eye still be as intrusive when Obama takes office? I wonder. What do you think?


Moviedad said...

To get a good idea of just how well they can see. Check out the latest Nature films, such as: "Planet Earth," The camera's that are used from 30,000 ft. can zoom in so close to the animals, that it looks like the camera is only a few feet away. Now we know that technology available to the public is years behind what the military is currently using. so take Google-Earth and multiply it by a factor of 10x and we might have an idea of just how invasive our "Homeland Security" can get.
And who are the investigating? Terrorist? Foreign Nationals? White Supremacists? No, they are investigating, peace groups, family empowerment groups, anti-violence groups. We need to take back the government from these Neo-Con Fascists.
Let's start by getting supreme Nazi: Bill O'Reilly off the pages of our local newspaper. Perhaps the Times-Standard's participation in the dissemination of propaganda could be a little less obvious.

Dave Stancliff said...

Good to see you on the Blog Moviedad!
Thanks for your input.
All good points.