Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Messengers from Heaven:Do you believe in angels?

I was watching the Today Show this morning and they had a story about a Guardian Angel saving a teenage girl’s life.
   Doctors’ took her off a life-support system thinking she was a goner. But, hospital security cameras distinctly showed a glowing light in the shape of an angel (with wings) near the girl’s bed hours later.
   She miraculously survived the loss of her support system and rapidly got better, to the surprise and amazement of the hospital staff, doctors, and her mother.
Family members had given up on her just hours before, kissing the unconscious girl who they thought was slipping away forever. The mother, and staff members, saw the angel and the mother pulled out her cell phone and took a photo.
It showed the same thing that the security cameras showed, a glowing light in the shape of an angel.
  Are there really angels? I believe that there are. Mine is a beloved grandmother who has warned me of danger many times. I’ve never seen a glowing light or anything like that. But, her voice clearly speaks to my head and heart. I’ve never ignored the warnings.
The last time I got a warning from her was back in 1990. I lived in 29 Palms and had to commute to the Palm Springs area every day to my job as the managing editor of a group of weekly newspapers.
  The drive involved going up a mountain pass (one-lane on either side). One evening, on my way home, and going up that pass I suddenly had a funny feeling like something was going to happen. My grandmother’s voice calmly warned me to pull off the road immediately. I hesitated for a moment then slowed down and looked for a spot to pull over.
 Just as I hit the break my front driver’s side tire blew! I was going slow enough and was able to maintain control to guide the car to a safe spot. When I got out, shaking like a leaf in a storm, I looked at how close my car had come to the edge of the mountain. I had, maybe, two feet before the ground gave way.
  If I had been traveling at the speed I was going (before slowing down) and that tire blew, there was a good chance I’d have taken a plunge off that mountain. I stood there for minutes taking deep breaths and thanking my grandmother, before I went about repairing the tire.
There were other times, like when I was in Vietnam, when I felt her presence in perilous situations. I’ve often asked myself, why me? Why does grandma warn me of danger and not my brother or sisters? That’s a question that will never be answered.
AS IT STANDS I just know that I loved her deeply when she was alive, and somehow she still watches over me!


Ais;ing said...

That is Beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing it with everyone, Ash xx

Katrina Queen said...

Yes, I believe in angels! I was involved in a very serious accident in 1997. I was a pedestrian and was struck by a vehicle traveling at 55 mph. The doctors and my family never expected me to make it through such trauma. Miraculously, I did make it. I honestly believe I had an angel watching over me.In fact, I believe that angel might have been my father. He went to be with Jesus in December of 1994, and I believe he was in Heaven pulling some strings for me. Thanks 4 sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

I am really happy to see someone using cyberspace to spread the word of Angels instead of porn, dating, etc. People need to understand that God and Angels work in our lives everyday, some of us are to blind to realize it. I have a wonderful book about Angels by Doreen Virtue and she sais the Angels want to do so much more for us everyday, and all we have to do is call them and they will assist us whenever we need them even for the non life threatening things. we dont have to go to church every sunday or collect angel nik naks just call them. I really love the picture you posted, it's very comforting to look at. God bless you.

Mark said...

Can you tell me the name of this painting/artist of the painting. its beautiful

Dave said...

Sorry, I wish I could Mark.

I got it from Google Images last year (under Angels),but the last time I looked it wasn't there anymore.

Anikó said...

Szép napot! Nagyon örülök, hogy az angyalokról olvashattam, hisz mindennap minden pillanatában itt vannak velünk.