Friday, December 26, 2008

Global cyber-crime more profitable than illegal drugs

A sure sign of the new millennium is that cyber-crime has passed illegal drugs in world-wide crime according to experts.

Russian hackers are targeting the U.S. and Europe daily, hiding in cyber-rat holes that even the police have been unable to uncover.

The chief international culprits are the Russians and the Chinese. Both have attacked the U.S. Department of Defense computers recently, as well as both Obama's and Mccain's computers during the presidential election.

Even NASA has been attacked repeatedly. But most of these reportedly young and smart hackers crimes come in the following areas; pilfering online bank accounts, swiping Social Security numbers, stealing credit card data and peeking at email log-ins and passwords, are accounting for an estimated $100 million-a-year global cyber-crime business.

Welcome to 21st Century crime.


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Anthony said...

More profitable than drugs - that is pretty incredible. Never would have guessed it, but it shows the potential in the threats online.