Thursday, March 3, 2011

Warning: This story may prove frustrating for illiterates

Image: Car with sun shade

A look at some of the dumbest labels telling consumers how not to hurt themselves

“Our society doesn't think much of the average consumer.

To wit: Only a moron would try to wash her daughter in a washing machine; or shake hands with the business end of a chainsaw; or light a match to check the contents of a gas tank.

And yet manufacturers still go to laughable lengths to protect their customers from harm, bombarding them with ridiculous warning labels or stunningly obvious explanations of how their products work. Why else would a carton of eggs actually say that the product may contain eggs?”

PHOTO: The label on the inside of reflective car sun shades advises that you shouldn't drive with them in place. How could you?



Rose said...


Carl Hand-up said...

Dumb people do dumb things, hence the dumb warnings ... illiterates cannot read so what difference does the warnings make anyway.