Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some ‘No Surprise’ News-of-the-Day stories

Image: Matthew Brady

1 in 5 U.S. teens has hearing loss, new study says -

“Earbuds may be to blame for sharp rise in hearing loss since 1988, experts say (photo of Matthew Brady, 17, of Foxborough, Mass., from a portrait in his home Friday while wearing ear phones and displaying an iPod. Brady, who has some mild hearing loss, used to listen to the device while running on a treadmill with the volume turned up.”

Mexican mayor kidnapped by drug hitmen found dead -

Official had tried to clean up corruption in town police force

Back-to-school shoppers in no hurry -

Consumers remain cautious, wait for deals on seasonal items

Insurgents kill 5 govt employees around Iraq 

“A series of attacks and roadside bomb explosions killed five Iraqi government employees on Wednesday as insurgents maintain a steady campaign of attacks against the country's institutions and security forces just two weeks before the formal end of the U.S. combat role in Iraq.”

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Jendocino said...

The "ear-bud" trend is truly distressing. On college campuses, especially, you have people moving around in large groups, but none are interacting. They're all wearing ear-buds and are completely invested in their internal existence, even though the "real world" is going on right in front of them. It has such a bizarre sci-fi vibe to it, I have to say. And that's not to mention the hearing loss. Jeese!