Thursday, September 3, 2009

Observations on the town hall meeting held in Eureka yesterday…

  I watched the whole meeting on television, which was nice because I didn’t have to be too close to some of the wackos that showed up there!

President Obama’s health care reform proposal was defended last night by Congressman Mike Thompson, who showed up at Redwood acres and stayed longer than expected.

It was obvious that some people, who just wanted 15 minutes of fame, were there to protest issues totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Time and again, I winced as they babbled about their personal agendas.

I lost count of how many times Thompson had to shut people up while someone else was trying to speak. My only surprise at this kind of behavior was that the “big mouths” weren’t wearing tinfoil hats!

Looking at the scope of the whole meeting I can only conclude it was a “dog-and-pony show” that did not result in anything but a chance for people to blow off steam. How many intelligent questions were asked about the issue at hand – health care? While you’re trying to count them, how many sane alternatives to the proposed problems did you hear?

I had the sense of a crouching beast (as opposed to a human audience) threatened to engulf Thompson at any moment. It’s a good thing he’s a military veteran, because he needed to show some balls to back off the crouching beast at times!

This inability to no longer have civil discourse in so-called town hall meetings is reflective of society today. Polarization goes beyond the Republican’s and Democrat’s inability to agree on anything. Our whole country is polarized by people who live on “sound bytes” and who avoid facts that may go against their emotional beliefs, and what the political pundits say they should think.

I heard, and read on some of the local blogs and TV station, that some people thought the meeting went pretty well. Hmmmmm….now there’s a sad statement. There was actually a time when public meetings weren’t dog-and-pony shows that had clowns interrupting every five minutes.

As It Stands, welcome to the breakdown of our country. Chaos creeps in with cretins leading the way!


Eric V. Kirk said...

It's democracy in action. I guess I took a more festive approach to the whole thing, and raucus town hall meetings go back hundreds if not thousands of years. I thought it was actually pretty good for a meeting involving such an emotional issue.

Dave said...

Interesting take on the meeting Kirk.

You are probably a lot more social kind of guy than me. I tend to stay in my bunker and don't like crowds.

Sometimes I forget that other people enjoy public confrontations over political issues.

Thanks for the input.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Well, if it was a business meeting, where something was actually supposed to get done, I might feel differently about the meeting. But politics has always been a rough sport.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Barry is no mere liberal Democrat as you opine. Not unless the average liberal Democrat is a radical Marxist leftist.

Learn the truth about your dear leader if you dare. This interview is of an aquaintance of Obama while he attended Occidental college around 1980. This is not fabricated. This is not conspiracy crap. Listen and learn. This is YOUR president. This is who us "radical right wingers" didn't vote for. And this is REALLY who you voted for.

You won't click on that link and listen to it, because in your gut, you know Obama's a radical leftist creep. And you can never admit that you're wrong.

Dave said...

Hi Rose!

this is an old post to make a comment on. I see you have to hide your idenity now.

Pretty sad.

You know that I didn't vote for Obama. It was common knowledge that I voted for Bob Barr - I even said so on a post in my blog. But that doesn't matter to someone like you who assumes they know things about people because they think differently.

Pathetic rhetoric...when will you ever learn?